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A Super Communication Model

Application, client downloads, registration and browser plug ins have all become a standard part of our real time communications, primarily due to incompatibilities. To place a simple audio or video call from a computer today, proprietary software needs to be downloaded, account has to be created which makes the user experience undesirable & troublesome.

Samcom Technologies solve the incompatibilities for real time communication by leveraging the web browser as the application fascinating browser to browser communication.

Since the browser itself include all the capabilities needed to support real time multi media communications, there is no need for any software download or registration. It standardizes communication between browsers, enables audio & video communications, supports text chat, file sharing & many more.


Samcom Conferencing is a video conferencing solution that incorporates the power of best technologies in market to standardize access to the camera and microphone in web browsers. This in turn makes conferencing easily available to anyone using a website.

By eliminating proprietary interfaces, it delivers better customer experience. With this technology, video conferencing significantly enhances customer engagements on website where visitor can click a button to call or video chat with a call center agent immediately without having to worry about configuring clients. Isn’t it amazing!

In real time communication with the help of video conferencing solution, business have many new ways to communicate with their customers, employees and other companies.

Example: An employee sitting at his desk can video call a co worker with browser to browser connection as the call no longer needs to route the phone system, so calls cloud could require fewer hops. The wow factor of this technology is its ability to allow easier online communications between multiple people at oncew.

Video Conferencing – An Effective Communication Platform

A Video conferencing system has browser based management and provisioning portals, which can be customized for specifically call center. Some of the core functionalities of these portals include creating conferences and reserving resources, e mailing, SMS Notification of the conference to invite participants, sending attachments, listing all scheduled conferences, modifying conference parameters & much more.


  • Browser to browser communication via chat and conferencing
  • Resolves the need for downloads and plug-ins
  • Support audio, video and data communication
  • Solves the incompatibility issue for RTC
  • Calls no longer route through phone system
  • Standardize access to cameras and microphones


  • Access RTC capabilities from personal mobile devices within public or corporate locations
  • Embed communications components within business applications more simply and rapidly
  • Avoid cost and security risks associated with communication clients and web plug-ins
  • Integrate WebRTC without the need for large scale upgrades and equipment forklifts
  • Enable Video Conferencing over different devices and browsers on the web
  • Engage customers immediately with a click of a button to call or video chat with an agent
  • This model perfectly fit for call center where executives thrive to reach the end user to provide best & prompt response.