Top Benefits of our Android Development Services

Integration and Migration: We offer robust migration, integration, and upgradation services to businesses looking to migrate their apps to the Android platform. Samcom Technologies also helps with Android app upgrades. Reach out, let's make the entire process smooth.

QA and Testing: Our application development service provides quality assurance and product testing for clients' Android apps. The goal of this is to ensure your Android app works smoothly in all environments and across different browsers and screens without any issues.

Custom Android App Development: Our over ten years of experience in Android app development has given us the requisite skill and technical know-how to build custom Android applications that meet client expectations.

Support and Maintenance: Besides providing high-quality app development services, we provide round-the-clock support and maintenance services aimed at ensuring your apps run smoothly and with no downtime.

Android App Consulting: Besides offering top-notch Android development services, we also provide extensive Android app consulting services. Reach our team to discuss your project.

At Samcom Technologies, we offer impeccable Android app development services aimed at bringing your ideas to life. Together with our highly experienced Android developers, we work with companies of various sizes to build powerful Android apps tailored to their unique needs. Besides having an experienced team of developers, we also have a superb team of UI/UX designers whose job entails making your Android app look all shades of appealing.

With over a decade of experience in Android app development, we have the requisite skill to build sophisticated Android apps. Our team also provides robust support services to ensure your app is working stable and without downtime.



Samcom Technologies has an enviable track record of building sophisticated Android apps uniquely tailored to meet clients' requirements. We have been doing this for over 10 years and have completed thousands of projects. Here is why companies trust us with their Android app development:

Our highly experienced Android developers work around the clock to meet clients deadlines.

We communicate effectively with clients to understand their project requirements.

We have impeccable experience in Android app development.

We have completed hundreds of jobs and counting.

We offer competitive pricing for our services.

Whether you need an Android app for a smartphone, a wearable device, or TV, you can trust our highly experienced Android developers to build you a unique solution.

Do you need an Android app complete with your unique requirements? Reach out, let's get your project started.





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What are the tools and technologies you deploy for Android App development ?

Our team leverages the latest technologies for Android app development, including Java, Eclipse editor, and Android SDK tools, to build powerful Android apps.

Why should I hire Android App developers from Samcom Technologies ?

At Samcom Technologies, we have some of the most experienced Android app developers the industry has seen. We provide quality and affordable Android development services compared to other IT companies in India. We have built Android apps for different clients and will definitely build an Android app that ticks all your boxes.

How long does your team take to build an Android app ?

To be honest, it depends on a number of things. To start with, UI/UX design should take between one to four weeks, depending on your project’s requirement and complexity. After that is done, we may take another 2 to 6 weeks to complete your project. Also, keep in mind that our team follows the best agile development practices; hence, we always work to deliver your project in record time.

Are the Android apps you build secure ?

Our app development team deploys sophisticated security architecture to ensure that your Android applications are protected from security breaches. Our testing parameters are extensive and designed to ensure your app performs superbly.

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