With AWS Lex, our team can make powerful chatbots with conversational AI that improves communication with customers



Top Benefits of our AWS Lex Services

Flexibility and Functionality: Amazon Lex provides seamless flexibility and functionality, especially when it comes to automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding. Thanks to this, we are able to build a highly engaging user experience with nearly life-like interactions while building top-notch products.

Seamlessly Integrates with other AWS Platforms: One thing we love about AWS Lex is its interoperability with other AWS services, including AWS Mobile Hub, AWS Lambda, Amazon Cognito, and others. This makes integrating other AWS services a stroll in the park.

Seamless Deployment and Scaling: Thanks to the ease of deployment and scalability offered by Amazon Lex, coupled with our impeccable experience with the platform, we are able to build, test and deploy chatbots quicker to meet clients' demands.

QA and Testing: We leverage Amazon Lex to build robust chatbots for our clients' businesses. But before we deliver the end product to clients, we test the product to ensure there are no failure points.

Simplicity: Amazon Lex is pretty easy to use. And thanks to our solid experience with this powerful tool, we are able to build powerful AWS Lex-powered chatbots within a short period.

At Samcom Technology, we believe having a robust communication system is key to business success. Thanks to this, we deploy top-notch technologies and tools to ensure that businesses have a reliable communication system they can always trust.

That’s why our team of AI developers leverages top technologies like Amazon Lex, which provides advanced natural language models. We use this tool to build, test, and deploy conversation interfaces to our client's web applications, bots, mobile applications, and IVR systems.



Samcom Technologies has leveraged powerful technologies to build robust solutions for our clients' businesses. Here is why companies trust us to handle their project:

We have an experienced team of AI developers with impeccable experience with AMS Lex.

We have a robust experience in creating top-notch AWS Lex-powered chatbots.

We handle your projects superbly and deliver in record time.

We do not charge an exorbitant fee for our service.

We provide quality support and maintenance.

Our impeccable experience with Amazon Lex has allowed us to build top-notch solutions for our clients' businesses.

Your business needs highly responsive chatbots and we are here to make that happen.





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I need a conversational interface for my apps; how do I go about it ?

For businesses who need a conversational interface for their apps, which includes text and audio, you’re welcome to give our Amazon Lex services a try. By deploying this technology, we will build a powerful communication interface for your apps that includes voice and text.

How much do you typically charge for AMS Lex services ?

We charge clients based on the complexity and uniqueness of their projects. Even then, we try to keep the cost competitive.

How can I get a highly responsive bot for my business ?

Our expertise with Amazon Lex means we are able to build sophisticated chatbots for your business. Reach out, and let's discuss your project.

When will my project be ready ?

We work with companies to ensure the end product is delivered on time. And should there be any type of delay, we communicate with clients effectively.

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