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Samcom Technologies is a Certified Silver Bitrix24 partner

What is Bitrix24 ?


Bitrix24 is a software service that enhances the business experience for an individual, team or a whole company. It integrates communication tools, management tools and features that enrich the business experience.


Bitrix24 allows managers to organize, manage and implement their day to day activities with ease. Keeping in touch with clients and employees at the same time had never been easy before.


Employees can easily stratify their work into sequenced tasks. This allows an innovative way to complete their jobs on a timely basis without the worry of the deadline.

Bitrix24 Main Features

Social Intranet Posts In Activity Stream Tasks & Projects Workgroups
Instant Messages Video Calls File Sharing Calendars
Document Management Meetings & Briefings Workflows Telephony
Company Structure Employee Directory Time Management Mail
Mobile App Work Reports Reports & Monitoring CRM System

What We Offer

Business Processes

Bitrix has been efficiently and effectively enhancing the experience of various firms in terms of documentation. Educational institutions, web development firms, business companies etc have been benefiting from our document automation system. Let us enhance your business too with state of the art automation through our accumulated business experience.


Want to learn the basics and software mechanics of Bitrix24? Then this training is for you! The course intends to teach the user the basic function and tools, techniques and configuration. The course does not intend to assess the user in any way e.g. tests, exams etc. But instead, it aims to educate the user regarding Bitrix24.

Development of Bitrix24

ForceGrowth is a team of professionals that specialize in Cloudy Bitrix and a box version of Bitrix. Among the 20 certified professionals on the team, Faraz Ahmed has been bestowed with the status of being the most valued team member. ForceGrowth can work with various types of team and we specialize in the following: Creating and tuning business-processes for Bitrix24; Developing Bitrix24 applications; Connecting Bitrix24 (both cloud and box versions) with any ERP, CRM, BI systems. You may find detailed information about our projects here. Also feel free to contact us via email or Bitrix network. Our team of professionals will coordinate with you shortly with a reliable solution for your project. Let’s get started!

Theme Integration

Bitrix24 makes personalized themes for your business or your company. Custom colors, logos, and text exclusively as per your demands. We at Bitrix like to innovate your company.

Ecommerce Integration

Bitrix allows you to combine the specialization of our CRM and develop the best CRM that fulfills the requirements of your business venture. Then it’s simply a single system that operates as your social media communication system and E-Commerce notification system. All your customers are just a few clicks away!

Phone Calling (VOIP)

While other calling systems might demand a separate IP and added equipment. But Bitrix24 allows you to easily call national and international phone via a normal headset. Easy isn’t it?

HR Management Tools As per requirement

Bitrix24 has simplified the process of HRMS with its amazing tools and features that creatively innovate all your HR Management issues with ease.

Modules Customization on Self Hosted Version

When the number of tasks number in hundreds then managing, assigning and keeping track of them all becomes something very difficult. Bitrix24 allows you to organize and manage everything from a single platform. All your CRM needs being fullfiled from a single software service. amazing isn’t it?

Social Media Integration

The power of social media assimilated into a business enterprise can make wonders. And Bitrix24 does exactly that! We tend to make social media revolutionize your business while keeping you on a reliable platform, Bitrix24.

Integration With Your Stand Alone Applications

Bitrix24 is built in such a way that it integrates social network/intranet with other HR platforms in order to increase efficiency of a business enterprise.

Samcom Technologies helps to innovate your intranet with advanced features that create and manage the social networks of your business easily:

  • Assistance with choosing a Bitrix24 subscription plan that fits the client’s needs best.
  • Hardware, operating system, and Bitrix24 solution configuration services provided by specialized experts.
  • Installation of Bitrix24 on the server or deployment in the cloud, including basic configuration.
  • Fine-tuning and additional functionality configuration, including development of additional modules needed for business process automation.
  • Corporate portal setup and access rights allocation to employees according to the organizational structure of the company.
  • Development of a unique Bitrix24 Corporate theme.
  • Integration setup (e-mail, cloud PBX or office-based IP PBX and other systems connectivity). Configuration of directories, custom fields, and e-mail templates.
  • Data import into the CRM (Companies, Contacts, etc.).
  • And much more, including non-standard solutions as per client’s specific requests.
  • Introducing Bitrix24 (User Package) Aimed at setting up user working environment, including Favorites, Drive, Mobile App, Live Feed, Tasks, Groups, Email configuration.
  • Executive user training (Leader Package) User Package + Salesperson Package + Work history, Reports, and Analytics. Configuration of company structure, user access rights, customer relations stages, offers, billing, sales lead forwarding from a catch-all email address and the website feedback form, email outbox options for employees, custom user fields.
  • Corporate portal administration training (Portal Administrator Package) Configuration of company structure, user access rights, customer relations stages, offers, and billing. Sales lead forwarding from a catch-all email address and the website feedback form, email outbox options for employees, custom user fields.
  • Individual business process training (e. g., Salesperson Package) User Package + CRM: processing Leads and converting them into Deals; Contacts, Companies, preparation of Offers and Billing.
  • Business analyst services aimed at business process development and optimization.
  • Business process modifications If the portal was initially installed by a company other than First BIT, we will perform an audit of the equipment, the environment, and the Bitrix24 portal itself before starting maintenance work.
  • Individual consultations.
  • Report preparation.
  • Interface configuration.
  • Fine-tuning of existing modules.
  • Bitrix24 helpdesk.uests.

Pricing & Plans

Plan Free CRM+ Standard Professional
USERS 12 6 50 Unlimited
ONLINE STORAGE 5 GB 50 GB 100 GB Unlimited
100% Free $69 $99 $199
Edition Bitrix24.CRM Business Enterprise
USERS 12 50 100 250 500 1000 5000 Unlimited
$1,490 $2,990 $4,990 $8,990 $14,990 $24,990 $44,990 $59,990

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