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Creating Effective Teams

Here is an opportunity to outsource your business needs such as designing and development of the applications. We are actively seeking partners like you and are very eager to form business alliances using simple modules.


“Associate with us & hire us as your Virtual Team.“

Here, You deal with your client directly and we will stay in the background. Once you finalize the project with your client, we begin the development process with you. You can communicate with all our team members directly during the development of the project. For efficient communication we use online collaboration platforms like specific tool for communication and structuring milestones and achievable. “We act as an extension of your own Team.”

Advantages: Increased Productivity, Knowledge Transfer, Cost Saving.


“Simply Outsource to Us…”

In this approach, You are the Origin Company. You deal with your client & pass on the work to us. We shall create a virtual team for you dedicated to your project only. You have the liberty to interview the right candidate for your project. We can give you the CV of those candidates from our local market, you choose, you select them, approve them and we can set up a team based on the skill set you need.
Example: If you want to outsource for Android Application Development, then you contact us. We will set up a dedicated team for your project matching the skill set required by you. The Team will design & develop the application as per your specifications.

Advantages: All your technological needs under one roof, Cost Advantage, Transparent Communication, Faster, effective, risk-free expansion of your technical needs, Maximum advantage at minimal risk.