Shopify trends 22-2023: how it is effective for ecommerce businesses?

Shopify trends 22-2023: how it is effective for ecommerce businesses?

By Samcom Technologies | 30-May-2024

The eCommerce industry is filled with a variety of trends that are changing the way people shop online. One of them is the emergence of Shopify. It is a platform where merchants can create their stores and sell products to customers which will be delivered to the buyers by Shopify. This article presents trends in this sector in 2022 and 2023 as well as discusses the usefulness of the platform for its merchants. Get hire Dedicated Shopify Developers for creating ecommerce online website.

Shopify 2022 and 2023 Trends

Over the years Shopify has emerged to become one of the leading platforms that enables e-commerce businesses to easily sell and deliver products to buyers. Here are some of the key Shopify trends in 2022 and 203 that can be used by e-commerce stores.

1. Live Streaming and Live Selling

One of the biggest trends for Shopify in e-commerce businesses is the use of live streaming and live selling. It is considered one of the key trends that have come in the industry since the pandemic. In simple terms live shopping is also known as live commerce. It can be defined as the process of delivering video content in real-time to the viewers when it is being filmed. Today live streaming slowly becoming a common social trend as an increasing number of people are using it in their daily lives and are live streaming through popular social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

It is now expected that more people will buy products through live streaming done by different eCommerce stores on Shopify. Thus, it is going to become a major trend in the industry and change the way people buy products through the said platform. Using such methods will allowthe online vendors to sell their products through video and engage with the customers on a real-time basis, along with attracting new customers as well.

2. Social Commerce

Another major emerging trend in the eCommerce sector for Shopify is in the form of social commerce. This means that a number of customers currently are buying goods through eCommerce using social media platforms. Even realising this trend many of the social networking platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have set up their stores to help in buying and selling. They are working as eCommerce stores.

3. Use of Cryptocurrency and NFTs

In recent years both cryptocurrencies and Non-FungibleTokens (NFTs) have emerged as means for people to buy things online. As digital payment systems are becoming increasingly popular, the use and demand of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins are also increasing rapidly. It is expected that more than 40% of all eCommerce consumers will be using cryptocurrencies to perform transactions on eCommerce stores by 2023. Even though Shopify was the first platform to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, merchants have been provided with this ability since 2013. Shopify, after its latest partnerships with and Strike, now accepts more than 20 cryptocurrencies. It includes the likes of Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

How effective is Shopify for e-Commerce businesses?

Shopify has emerged as a tool that enables eCommerce businesses to easily sell their products to the end customers. Following are some of the benefits and ways in which Shopify is useful for eCommerce businesses.

1. SEO and Marketing Tools

One of the ways in which Shopify is useful for eCommerce businesses is that it provides merchants with SEO services and several marketing tools. These tools can be useful for eCommerce businesses and enable them to easily reach their target audiences, thereby helping in generating organic traffic to the site. This will bring in more sales to the business and help it to grow at a healthy and rapid pace. Shopify provides merchants with various tools that simplify their campaigns using Facebook Ads, links with Instagram store, Google AdWords, and others.

2. Pricing benefits

Another way in which Shopify is useful for eCommerce businesses is in the form of pricing benefits. The platform charges a certain fee from the merchants in the form of subscription fees, which are either to be paid yearly or on a monthly basis. However, the platform ensures that the merchants are provided with several benefits in terms of pricing so that they can afford the platform and continue listing their products. In addition to this, Shopify also provides merchants with flexible pricing as well, thereby enabling them to perform better on the platform and drive more sales.

3. Shopify payment

Shopify provides a safe and secure method of transacting to both buyers and merchants. This makes the payment process simpler as well as secure and ensures that both parties do not suffer any loss during the payment process. Today, as the threat of cybersecurity is rising, eCommerce platforms are generally the first set of targets for hackers and cybercriminals. So Shopify deals with this threat by providing the parties with a secured payment system.

Final Thoughts

Shopify today has become the most common means of buying and selling goods through eCommerce. A large number of buyers and sellers are using it on a daily basis. One of the emerging trends in this sector is the increasing use of live streaming and live shopping. Apart from this, it is expected that eCommerce stores listed on Shopify will start accepting cryptocurrencies and NFTs as payments. Shopify is useful for eCommerce stores in terms that it is a platform that provides merchants with several tools and methods to promote on different social media channels. Connect with the best Shopify Development Agency to create online store.