What are the benefits of Whatsapp Bot Development?

What are the benefits of Whatsapp Bot Development?

By Samcom Technologies | 30-May-2024

With a large consumer base and fewer people to answer, there are a lot of times when consumers don’t get satisfied with their basic queries, which may be repetitive for the business. This may lead to the downfall of the consumer base and the business’s lifespan and productivity. To ensure something like this does not happen to you, take a step toward its solution in the form of a Chatbot development which in 2023 will be used by 74% of the companies, reducing costs by up to 30%. As of May 2022, Whatsapp has made sure, with the help of its AI, any type of business can deploy and use chatbots. Since then, there has been a sincere growth in the users of WhatsApp bots development.

Benefits of Whatsapp Bot Development

WhatsApp bot is a computer program designed to automatically answer customer questions about your products and services, share content and send notifications about orders, payments, and deliveries via WhatsApp.

Here are some benefits of using Whatsapp Bot Development:

Increased Efficiency

WhatsApp bots can help companies with repetitive customer-related activities such as sending reminders and notifications to customers, introducing the company’s product catalog and helping with research, providing real-time responses to customer questions and complaints, sending ticket status and status updates solutions, and collecting customer comments and feedback.

This cuts down on the number of times customers have to wait in line to speak with customer service agents, and they don’t have to click many different buttons to get to the right department to answer their questions. Complex questions that the chat can’t handle are automatically transferred to a customer service agent via chatbot-to-human.

24/7 Availability

“Bots are available 24/7 and often answer customer questions faster than human agents can.” Kannan and Bernoff agreed in a Harward business studies Article.

You don’t have to worry about customer service outside your regular business hours because chatbots can do everything for you automatically. They can intelligently handle recurring questions, so businesses don’t have to guarantee customer service availability. This saves money on hiring and training employees for customer service. Having 24/7 customer service increases customer satisfaction.

Personalized Interactions

In addition to the simplicity and portability of WhatsApp chat, a well-built and trained chat can try to mimic natural conversations. During these interactions, the chat service may collect and return user data and context as needed. It offers a high level of personalization because now the needs and behaviors of each user are easily mapped and responded to by a chatbot whose responses are highly contextual.

Moreover, the richness of this media makes it an excellent platform for businesses to communicate with customers. Unlike email or phone support, WhatsApp allows brands to send photos, videos, GIFs, audio recordings, and documents.


Bots can be developed to handle more complex queries to reduce handoffs between chatbots and humans, which many customers find time-consuming and frustrating. WhatsApp chatbots are a welcome solution that costs far less to build and maintain than a customer service team, especially when you factor in additional health insurance premiums and other benefits depending on company policy. As stated earlier, Whatsapp Bot is reducing the cost of companies by up to 30%. As per the study, the utilization of chatbots in banking is expected to result in cost savings of $7.3 billion globally in 2023, compared to about $209 million in 2019. This relates to 862 million hours saved by banks in 2023, which equates to almost half a million working years.


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. Every day, over 2.4 billion active users engage in conversations with their loved ones. Even WhatsApp’s own numbers are illuminating. In 2021, the brand claimed that more than 100 billion messages would be exchanged daily on the platform.You can increase your company’s reach by creating a company profile on a chat room. The profile should include the business address, website URL, and a detailed description of the business. A business address can be linked to Google Maps so customers can get directions for physical visits. A company profile gives the company a familiar face and identity that increases user loyalty.

Increased Sales

The ability to generate leads is essential for any marketer. Generating quality leads saves salespeople and marketers time and money because they can focus their resources on more productive tasks. A bot that provides reliable information is useful for contacting leads. This is achieved through an unlimited number of responses to customers. The bot asks relevant questions while the audience is engaged. The customer’s response and level of the engagement determine potential leads. With information about potential leads, the sales team can target their sales and navigate the leads into the marketing funnel resulting in an increase in sales.

Streamlined Communication

WhatsApp chat not only helps you to make communication easier in the user interface. Another advantage of WhatsApp chat is that you can watch the performance of your team. Track metrics such as first and average response times, resolution speed and time, and customer satisfaction scores. Here are the most common delays that need to be fixed and process gaps that need to be filled. With the best chatbots for WhatsApp, you can interact with users and do it better in the future with actionable insights powered by AI. The chatbot allows people to seamlessly and instantly record conversations from the bot. This allows agents to provide excellent customer service without having to go through thousands of monotonous conversations. Read: Introducing agent capabilities for intelligent routing and fast support.


For an efficient consumer experience and effective customer growth, you can use your specialized WhatsApp AI bot development and reduce your expenses while freely utilizing the enlisted modern-day services it provides you