Benefits of our AntMedia Development Services

Improve Voice and Video Calls: AntMedia features powerful SDKs we leverage to build one-to-one and group calling apps for businesses. If your objective is to make your apps more impactful, especially with voice and video features, you’re welcome to use AntMedia Server.

Seamless Integration: Our experienced AntMedia team will work with you to make the integration process a walk in the park. Depending on your business's unique requirements, the integration could take a few hours to a few days.

Full Customization Options: Our expertise and partnership with AntMedia mean we know how to deploy the tool to offer customization options to our clients live streaming products.

High Scalability: One thing we love about AntMedia is its outstanding scalability. Just so you know, AntMedia Server supports millions of viewers and streams under 0.5 seconds.

High Scalability: One thing we love about AntMedia is its outstanding scalability. Just so you know, AntMedia Server supports millions of viewers and streams under 0.5 seconds.

Support and Maintenance: We offer support and maintenance services to ensure your live streaming products are working smoothly.

AntMedia is trusted by thousands of businesses globally. This remarkable tool is a streaming engine that provides unparalleled adaptive, ultra-low latency stream via WebRTC technology. Compared to other streaming engine software out there, AntMedia has 0.5 latency. What we love about this tool is that it is highly scalable and can be run both on-premise and on-cloud.

AntMedia is not only scalable but features a real-time and developer-friendly WebRTC server, which ensures users have access to a robust and fully customizable environment to develop their next live streaming products effortlessly. Our partnership with AntMedia means we offer integration, customization, and any other service that has to do with AntMedia.



Our strategic partnership with AntMedia ensures that we can provide unique services the platform offers. Here is why businesses trust us:

We don’t overwhelm you with fees as we charge competitive fees for your services.

We have an experienced team to take on any project, no matter how complicated.

We pay attention to details and work with clients to achieve their goals.

We deliver our services on time.

From full product customization to integration, our AntMedia specialists will help you with everything you need.

AntMedia is trusted by thousands of businesses. Reach out, let’s discuss how your business can benefit from this platform.





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How long does it take to customize AntMedia to my platform ?

Well, it all depends on what you’re interested in. That said, completing the entire process takes a few days to a week.

Does my business needs AntMedia Server ?

If you have a live streaming product and looking to scale things, you’re sure going to love AntMedia Server as it provides you with everything you need to improve your business.

What’s your partnership with AntMedia ?

Our partnership with AntMedia entails that we can provide services offered by the platform, including full product customization and integration.

What do you charge for this service ?

We try to keep our services affordable. Reach out let’s provide you with a detailed quote.

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