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No two businesses are the same. We know this, so we offer diverse business models carefully designed to give businesses an edge. Our professionals will work with you to choose a business model that allows you to achieve your goals and objectives without sweating. A clear business model should be the foundation of every business, and we are here to help you every step of the way.




During our software development process, some projects require some kind of flexibility between our team and clients, so we offer the time and material business model to ensure clients get the very best. At Samcom Technologies, we know that time, and budget constraints provide more opportunities for a mutually beneficial agreement than your average fixed-priced model. With the time and material model, parties involved usually have more control over cost and the development process. With this in place, there is no need to make an educated guess, especially regarding expenses. The time and material model ensures that our clients only pay for time and resources dedicated to accomplishing their projects. The time and material model is great if :

    You don’t have a clear project scope but are just making things up as the project progresses.

    You don’t have clearly defined specifications for your project.

    Always change requests during the development process.

    You want more direct control over the entire process.

    You require a higher level of flexibility.


Many companies today prefer the option of a distributed dedicated team model to power their businesses. By offering this model, Samcom Technologies provides companies with a flexible workforce to run their businesses effectively. Our workforce delivers high expertise, work around the clock, resolve issues quickly and meet project deadlines. Our offshore development model allows companies to save up to 50% of labor arbitrage. Here is why our offshore development model is superb :

    Hiring an offshore team like Samcom Technologies is way cheaper than having an in-house team.

    Giving our years of experience, you can always trust us to deliver quality services.

    We provide flexibility you’ll not enjoy with an in-house team handling your projec.

    We are always available to handle assigned projects.

    We ensure you never miss a deadline.


Our fixed-cost model is perfect for medium and small-scale projects. We recommend this model for projects where requirements, specifications, and deadlines are clearly specified before project commencement. Here is why this model is great for small and medium-scale projects.

    The fixed model works for projects where there will be little or no modifications.

    This model is perfect for clients who have time for project supervision.

    It is recommended for small-scale projects.

    Project specifications are clearly defined.

    Deadlines are well spelt out.


You'll love our hybrid model for companies that want to incorporate a mixture of in-office and remote work. By deploying this model to your business operations, you’ll always meet up on your projects while cutting costs. Why this model is a big deal :

    It is cost-effective as opposed to having an all in-house team.

    Enjoy shared responsibility from all parties involved.

    You can scale up your operations using this model.

    It ensures companies meet tight deadlines.

    You’ll enjoy more flexibility.

Our business models are well defined and structured to help you achieve your goals. Consult our professionals for a comprehensive business model for your brand.



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